Your crops are hungry. That’s why making sure the nutritional needs of your crop are being met throughout the entire growing season is crucial to boosting yields.  As we scouted fields this spring, it was visually apparent the erratic weather and low night time temperatures stressed our corn and soybean fields.  As we made our first post application of herbicide on our corn and soybean fields, we determined adding a foliar nutrition product to the tank made a lot of sense.  Foliar applied products are easily absorbed through the foliage of the plant and when combined with a post emergent herbicide help meet the nutritional needs of corn and soybean fields when they are developing their root systems.

One product that we encouraged our customers to utilize this spring was HYPE, from Innova Performance Products. Hype provides N, P, K as well as essential micro-nutrients for balanced nutrition that is important for plant development and enhanced plant health.  Hype also contains phytohormones (Gibberellic acid, Cytokinins, and IBA’s) which are key in helping increase root growth, branching, and leaf size.  Additionally, with all the crop stress this year, Hype also contains a stress reliever that helps regulate the plant’s production of ethylene, keeping it balanced and at optimum levels for maximum crop production.  As an Innova Performance Products retailer, we like Hype because it’s a foliar and so much more.  Not all foliar products are created equal, make sure you check the label and compare.

With harvest around the corner, we are anxious to document the benefits of several foliar trials on our customers. Stay tuned for updates on our foliar yield trials throughout the county.

For more information on Hype or other Innova Performance Products, click here.

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