We Lead with Seed!

Midwest Seed’s new icon represents a quarter section of ground, the tract size that defined the western expansion of agriculture in the United States.

We honor the quarter section, or four forties, as it represents the risk, skill, perseverance and faith of all of our ancestors as they developed the land not only for themselves, but for the following generations of their families to come.

These four forties represent something more. Each one represents a fundamental part of what we strive to do for the benefits of our customers.

Midwest exists to serve you, our customer. The most important job everyone at Midwest has is to listen to you and deliver solutions that bring value to your operation, business and life.

Day in and day out, season after season, our focus will never stray from helping you create the greatest success from our product. If we can deliver this and help you succeed, we simply ask that you take us with you.